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The Rough Aunties are currently raising funds towards building the Eureka Place of Safety so they can protect even more children and provide longer term care to child victims of abuse who need a temporary place of safety. Help make their dream a reality and make a donation to support their incredible work!


Posted by beth on
Hello Aunties

I am a civil engineer and I have been to Uganda 4 times, S Africa once and Nicaragua.

I would love to know more about the Eureka Place of Safety and I have given a donation following the documentary on Channel More 4 in the UK. I would like this donation to go towards the place of safety project if this is still going ahead.

I have set up a monthly payment to rough aunties but i would love to help more, please let me know how, money alone is not enough for these things to happen.

You are the most wonderful people and you have already changed the world more than you will ever know.

I thank the world for you

Sent with love and the very best wishes for you and your ever growing family

Posted by Jailen on
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