Our Schools - Forestview Primary

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Our Schools:
Forest View Primary is a wonderful school, with caring staff, that over the years has given many of our students confidence, stability and a love for learning. Situated in the beautiful Krantzkloof Reserve, the school educates students from Grade R (reception) to Grade 7. "It is the aim of Forest View Primary School to develop within each child their potential. We strive for excellence in teaching and academic standards, guiding our learners towards responsible citizenship." The school places emphasis on holistic and outdoor education and in addition to regular academic subjects, the school offers: Art, Computers, Music, Physical Education and Child and Youth Care Guidance. It also offers students the opportunity to join many different teams such as cricket, rugby, tennis, swimming, netball and cross country. Below is a photo of one of our students Sne, who has been attending Forestview since gr. 1 and has just begun gr. 6! To learn more about Forestview please have a look here http://www.forestview.co.za/index.html and to help us continue sending students to Forestview please click here: http://risefoundation.org/we-are-together/take-action/sponsor-a-child/


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Our Schools - Hillcrest High

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Our Schools:

This week we are going to share a little info about some of the excellent schools our students attend thanks to your support! First up on our list is Hillcrest High School which 8 of our students currently attend. Below, you can see 3 of our students, Thando, Sphiwe and Lungile, whose education we've been supporting for six years now, and who started at Hillcrest High this year!

Hillcrest High School is a large co-educational high school situated 2.5 km from the centre of Hillcrest and 35 km from Durban. It is a nationally recognized school and is frequently consulted on educational issues due to its strong reputation in academics, sports and cultural activities.

Students from grades 8 and up have the opportunity to study English, Math, Zulu, Afrikaans, Life Orientation, Accounting, Visual Arts, Drama, Geography, History, Business, Travel and Tourism, Computer Applications, German, Electrical Technology and more. You can read more about Hillcrest here: http://www.hhs.co.za/ and if you would like to sponsor our students so we can continue sending them to Hillcrest, sign up here:http://risefoundation.org/we-are-together/take-action/sponsor-a-child/


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Thando gets accepted at Hillcrest High School

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Congratulations to Thando for being accepted to Hillcrest High School. She is almost through the 7th grade and headed for Hillcrest to join Lungelo, Zakhele and Zodwa. All learners are sitting for exams this week and next, then it's (winter) break. More updates as marks come in. Way to go Thando! Follow us on Facebook for more updates as well. 


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Student Update

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Sometimes report cards from terms are hard to come by. And with learners in new schools and coming off the transitions of 2011, the cards are slowly rolling in. As we get more updates, we will let you know how our learners are doing. But please enjoy the following updates:


Thembelani has made progress academically, but still needs help in Maths.   

Mthobisi has excelled in Afrikaans, Maths and Social Sciences, with above average success in all other areas. The only subject that is at average standing for Mthobisi is Technology. Way to go Mthobisi

We have learned that Zodwa and Lungelo are is not doing as well as expected at Hillcrest. Rise is in discussion with staff at the school to ensure that they have any extra help that they need.

Sbonelo, Sakhile, Siyabonga and Sphiwe are all taking classes at Pinetown Driving School. As older learners still under Rise's support network they are learning truck driving skills to help them find employment. Sbonelo will begin the final course towards becoming a paramedic in May. 

Slindile is in the last stages of her Master Cookery course at Elangeni and is currently searching for work placement in or around Pinetown. Any ideas? Contact us at jason@risefoundation.org

Sinegugu, Mbali, Thando and Lungile continue to shine at Forest View. We also hear that students living at Makaphuto Home, including the Bhengu children are all doing well. 

Makaphuto Home has just reported that they are working with caseworkers at the South African Department of Welfare and Social Development to open more spaces so that we can bring more children from Agape closer to their former schools. We will keep you posted on this progress.

There are some new schools on our list of educational institutions this year. After last year's transition for all of the children in the programme, we have successfully secured places for Snethemba, Anele, Thandeka, Ayenda at Grosvenor Girls High School and New Germany Primary School. We are grateful to the administrations of these two schools for welcoming our learners. 

Stay tuned for more updates and please visit us on Facebook.


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Soroptimist International Supports Rise

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Student Update

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2011 was a roller coaster of a year with the Foundation ensuring that all students were enrolled in schools and progressing positively.  We thank our community of supporters for their continued love. In January 2011 Agape was closed and all children removed. For the next few months, RISE kept in touch with schools, located learners and ensured, to the best of our ability, that children were in safe homes and continuing their education. We currently support 36 learners through the We Are Together Education Programme.

Overall and most importantly, the learners RISE supports finished the year well and enjoyed a well-earned break. We joined the social networks and started a facebook page. Please keep up with us, "Like" us and share your memories of Agape on our page here.


In the fall, RISE came in second place in the Education category of the Orange RockCorps You Decide competition. We would like to thank everyone who voted for RISE.


All existing students have returned to Hillcrest, Forest View and Wyebank. There have been a few students who have moved from Gillitts to New Germany and the school has welcomed them. Word from Makaphuto home is that the Bhengu and Mkhize children and Sinegugu are all doing well. 

Slindile gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, named Minehle. Both she and the baby are doing well. Sli is returning to Elangeni this month to complete her Master Cookery course. 

Sbonelo completed the first step to becoming a paramedic and is well on his way to getting his license. We will keep you updated on his progress.

Both Nqobile and Sphiwe are living at Lake Haven Children’s Home. RISE continues to work with Makaphuto Home to find space for them there through the State Department of Welfare and Social Development so they can return to Forest View and Hillcrest. We are in contact with the good folks at Lake Haven and are still searching for future opportunities for them. If you live in or around Sea Cow, or know contacts in the area that might help, please contact us at info@risefoundation.org.

Sinegugu spent the holidays with a family who welcomed her into their home with open arms. Coincidentally, they have the same surname! 

Zodwa has returned to Hillcrest and is doing well. Her last report card from 2011 boasts, "Zodwa's keenenss to study has helped her achieve this pleasing effort." Fantastic news, Zodwa!

Zakhele has excelled in Technology and Life Orientation. She has been promoted to the 9th grade. 

Mbali has progressed to the 3rd grade and her favorite activity is choir.

Thando and Lungile are doing well and have progressed to the 7th grade at Forest View.

Bluff Christian Academy welcomes Andiswe and Aphiwe to grade R. 

Olwethu has settled in nicely at Wilderness which has a small class environment, which suits her academic level. The director says that she continues to do great. She has been given uniforms from very generous parents there. While tuition there is considerably high, we are currently searching for grants to help supplement her education costs. If you would like to help, please contact us at info@risefoundation.org. 

Aphiwe is at Inkazmulo Primary, repeating grade 1. She came to Makaphuto half way through the 2011 academic year with little academic foundation. The school seems to be a good fit for her.

Lastly, we would like to wish a Happy Birthday Thembelani!!! who turned 12 on 21 January. 

These are just a few updates. As always, your continued support is appreciated and helps to offer excellent educational opportunities for the children from the Agape Orphanage.

As we get into the thick of 2012, we are attracting more Education Sponsors, continuing to promote our Songbook, DVD and CD as well as building a community of RISE friends to help find opportunities for the children in and around Durban, South Africa. Please get in touch with us on Facebook and check our website for opportunities to support our learners.


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OrangeRockCorps YOU DECIDE - Rise Nominated

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The Rise Foundation is nominated for public vote by Orange RockCorps 'You Decide' as part of the Orange RockCorps Collective. For more information check out the Collective here

The organisation with the highest votes wins two BlackBerry smartphones and assistance with a bespoke Orange RockCorps event. If you've ever attended an ORC jam, you know how special it can be. 

These resources and publicity will no doubt raise our profile and help the We Are Together Education Programme, which supports excellent education for children from the Agape. 

RISE is up for vote from for the next two weeks. Rally your team, friends, colleagues and service users to support!

Vote Here!


Check out Orange RockCorps on Facebook.


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Student news from Hillcrest and Forest View

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Hillcrest High School - 

Zakhele is receiving all A's and B's and progressing well. His teacher wrote on his report card that he has "worked steadily this term." 


Zodwa "works sincerely and is keen to learn." She is also getting A's and B's 

Lungelo, despite needing help in Maths, is coming along well in Language, Literacy & Communications as well as Economics & Management Studies and Arts & Culture.

Forest View High School - 

Lungile is doing well in Afrikaans, Zulu, Maths, Computers and Music. Her report card says that she has wonderful manners and self-confidence and her attitude towards her peers is good. 

Mbali is reportedly very tidy and polite in the classroom. She does good schoolwork and is a great listener. Her behavior in class and reading and Maths skills are improving steadily. 


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More Student Photos from Makaphuto Home

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Here are some more photos from Makaphuto Home. Thanks to Nic Addison for the photographs!


Mbali Mkhize  Aphiwe Bhengu.jpg

Mbali and Aphiwe



2011-09-25 Entrepeneur day at Tsinga 2.jpg

Entrepreneur Day



2011-07-16 Amanda  Thando Mkhize.jpg


Amanda and Thando


2011-07-15 Fun at Makaphutu.jpg

Learners at Makaphuto




2011-07-15 Children singing - Aphiwe in foreground and Olwethu  in back left.jpg

Aphiwe and Olwethu singing



2011-06-04 Cricket game Makaphutu.jpg

Cricket at Makaphuto




2011-05-26 Thando Mkhize singing in Forest View Choir.jpg

Thando singing with the Forest View Choir




2011-04-23 Danciing at Makaphutu 2.jpg

Dancing at Makaphuto


2011-04-23 Danciing at Makaphutu 1.jpg

Dancing at Makaphuto




2011-04-21 Zakhele  Olwethu.jpg

Zakhele and Olwethu 





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Sinegugu's Birthday Photos

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Here are some photos from Nic at Makaphuto of Sinegugu's birthday.

2011-09-21 Sinegugu Dubes Birthday.jpg


2011-09-21 Sinegugu Dube Birhday Party.jpg


2011-09-21 Sinegugu Dube  Thando Mkhize.jpg

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