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New schools

This January all the Children of Agape started at brand new schools! Thanks to supporters like YOU and profits from their CD and film, we have been able to move ALL the children to schools that will give them a better education and the chance to reach their dreams. 10 of the children even did so well last year that we got them places at 2 of the best private schools in South Africa. The course work is more challenging but the children are all trying hard and we are very very happy with how they are progressing. We're very grateful to have the support of some long term sponsors who have committed to sponsoring a few of our children right through until they graduate high school. If this is something you would like to do contact us at


The children work every day after school with a tutor who helps them with their homework. His work with them is an essential part of our education programme and the kids would not succeed without his help so we are looking for a long term sponsor who can help us cover the costs of this tutor for future years.

It makes us emotional just thinking of all the doors that are opening to them and all the things that they will be able to do in the future because they are now attending good schools.


I know you all want to know how she is doing and I think you will all be pleased to know that she is doing absolutely AMAZING!
She has achieved far more than we ever dreamed and we are so proud of her. In December 2008 Slindile became Agape's first high school graduate! She then auditioned at the prestigious Univeristy of Kwazulu Natal in Durban where she must have made an impression because she was accepted onto the Foundation Music Course. She has been studying and working hard there since January 2009 and she now lives on her own in student accommodation with some fellow course mates. She also speaks English fluently now and after all the interviews and new people she has met through promoting the film she has gained a wonderful new confidence in herself. Slindile's university education is being sponsored by Paul Taylor (the director of the film)'s mother!!

Mbali - Flower

Since the film, the most obvious difference in Mbali is that she's grown much taller! She is still the same precocious, naughty girl and what has really made us proud is that she hasn't gained any attitude or self importance despite being in the film and getting to travel all over the world with the choir from such a young age. She has a deep sense of empathy for others and will always be the first to ask you if you are alright.


Mtho is one of the smartest and most motivated kids at Agape so he is one of the 10 attending a very good private school. He is working hard and doing well at his new school, where he has also joined the rugby and soccer teams. He's made many new friends and been invited over to his new friends' houses to play ( for the first time in his life). He's become more quiet and shy than he used to be but around family he is still as cheeky and boisterous as ever!

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