Student news from Hillcrest and Forest View

under We Are Together, Rise Foundation

Hillcrest High School - 

Zakhele is receiving all A's and B's and progressing well. His teacher wrote on his report card that he has "worked steadily this term." 


Zodwa "works sincerely and is keen to learn." She is also getting A's and B's 

Lungelo, despite needing help in Maths, is coming along well in Language, Literacy & Communications as well as Economics & Management Studies and Arts & Culture.

Forest View High School - 

Lungile is doing well in Afrikaans, Zulu, Maths, Computers and Music. Her report card says that she has wonderful manners and self-confidence and her attitude towards her peers is good. 

Mbali is reportedly very tidy and polite in the classroom. She does good schoolwork and is a great listener. Her behavior in class and reading and Maths skills are improving steadily. 



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